Beauty, Goodness, & Truth

Goodness, & Truth 
all lead to God.
It was in God's ultimate design of man that He made it so that human beings can be converted in their hearts through those things which possess inate beauty, goodness, & truth. People can find God in the beauty of nature and science....


However, in 
the Catholic Church  
we especially find God in 
the beauty of the sacred 
so that our minds are 
raised to God.

Catholics & non catholics 
are being being evangelised 
anew by the restoration 
of the sacred,

Traditional Roman Catholicism

is the search for beauty, goodness

and truth.

. All that is beautiful, all that is good, all that is truth leads us to God, because God is beautiful, God is good, God is truth... Society is strong, it is solid, if it is edified on the beauty, goodness, and truth that has been created by God alone.

Beyond this, and in human terms, the best missionary strategy is one that moves from the beautiful, to the good, and finally to the true. To evangelise starting off with the (Catholic) truth invariably amounts to telling someone, from the start, that 'they are wrong', which as many Catholics know tends to upset people and can be counterproductive. Evangelising starting with the beautiful and good is the surest way to someone discovering the truths of our Faith.


Cardinal Burke on the Call of Beauty. 


Our Catholic faith also requires all of its traditional aspects to draw those, both on the inside and outside of the Church, into the sacred, spiritual, & transcendent so that people are led, using all of the human senses, into the inner truths of Christ's Holy Catholic Church.


Pope Benedict speaking on the search for beauty, goodness, and truth...

A new search for beauty, goodness, & truth focused on God (and not man) is now needed so that we can once again fully transmit the authentic Gospel message, and the mission of Christ's Catholic Church.

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